Any tools or equipment necessary to accomplish same shall be available in case of a release. The applicant shall cooperate with local emergency services in developing an emergency response plan. The purpose of this by-law is to authorize and regulate large-scale ground-mounted solar photovoltaic installations by providing standards for the placement, design, construction, operation, monitoring, modification and removal of such installations such that these standards address public safety, minimize impacts on scenic, natural and historic resources and provide adequate financial assurance for the eventual decommissioning of such installations. Planning Board, all areas to be protected as open space shall be: (a) Conveyed to the Town to be placed under the care, custody and control of the Conservation Commission, and be accepted by it for a park or open space use. Ground and Surface Water Resource Overlay Protection Districts. Each building lot shall contain a house site which is in the harmony with the general intent of the Zoning By-Law. Any request for a renewal of a Special Permitshall be subject to publication notice requirements as required for an originalapplication for a Special Permit. At completion of the project the permittee shall submit as-built record drawings of all structural stormwater controls and best management treatment practices required for the site. 5. Each copy of the SMSP Application package shall include: 1. a completed Application Form with original signatures of all owners; 2. a list of abutters, certified by the Assessors Office; 3. the Stormwater Management Plan and project description as specified in Section 6.15.7 of this By-law; 4. the Operation and Maintenance Plan as required by Section 6.15.8 of this By-Law; B. Upon written request from the Building Inspector addressed to the contact address provided and maintained by the owner and operator as required above, the owner or operator shall provide evidence to the Building Inspector demonstrating continued use of the LGSPI. This is just a reminder that ALL building projects require either a building permit or a zoning certificate in order to avoid penalties. Disturbance of land: Any action that causes a change in the position, location, or arrangement of soil, sand, rock, gravel or similar earth materials. The LGSPI owner and/or operator shall maintain the facility in good and safe working condition, and shall schedule inspections by a competent professional at least once every twelve (12) months or more often, pursuant to industry standards and practice. c. 41, 81L, 81P, 81S, and 81U, or residential development on lots less than 80,000 square feet of land area containing at least 200 feet of lot width and 150 feet of lot frontage. Normal maintenance and improvement of land in agricultural use as defined by the Wetlands Protection Act regulation 310 CMR 10.04; 2. (c) The surface water supplies of Gravelly and Round Ponds supplement the Town's groundwater resource, and are similarly considered an indispensable natural resource. Application. c. 131 40 and Massachusetts Clean Waters Act G.L. Toward this end: a) The developer shall engage a qualified certifying agent acceptable to the Planning Board to receive purchase or rental applications, obtain and. 1. Use - Unit of Measure Number of Off-Street, One dwelling unit 2, Two dwelling units 3, Three dwelling units 5, Four dwelling units 6. such determination, the SPGA shall give consideration to the simplicity, reliability and feasibility of the control measures proposed and the degree. 3. 7.6 Other By-Laws, Rules or Regulations. Clearing of natural vegetation shall be limited to what is necessary for the construction, operation and maintenance of the LGSPI or otherwise prescribed by applicable laws, regulations, and bylaws. Excessive changes will still require a special permit and the ZBA will have more flexibility in approving modifications of grandfathered properties that are non-conforming. Exemptions for Continuous Transit: The transportation of any, regulated substance through Zones I, II, III, or A, B or C shall be exempt, from the provisions of this By-Law provided the transporting motor, Exemptions for Vehicular and Lawn Maintenance Fuel and, Lubricant Use: The use in a vehicle or lawn maintenance equipment of, any regulated substance solely as fuel in that vehicle or equipment fuel, tank or as lubricant in that vehicle or equipment shall be exempt from the. 3. 6.2 Off-Street Parking and Driveway/Curb Cut Regulations. In the current Zoning Bylaw, the same information is found within paragraphs of text and is not consistent in order or language. Starting or Expanding a Business in Manchester Zoning Enforcement The Zoning Enforcement Office determines whether proposed uses of land are permitted at the location described, provides guidance for the location of buildings (from malls to tool sheds) and assists in the enforcement The Coffee County Codes Department is dedicated to public safety in the built environment countywide through development and promotion of uniform codes and standards, enhancement of professionalism in code administration, and facilitation of acceptance of innovative building products and systems. 2. An exception may be made for resource areas vulnerable to trampling or other disturbance. The Planning Board encourages town residents, land and business owners to take part in this and all Town planning initiatives to assure that we are all working together for a strong and resilient Manchester. The owner/operator may choose to provide adequate and appropriate liquid collection methods rather than sheltering only after approval of the design by the SPGA. Transferability of a Special Permit. [See Maps]. (e)Remove all above-ground foundations and supports to a depth of one foot below existing grade. Critical areas are Outstanding Resource Waters (ORWs), swimming beaches, cold water fisheries and recharge areas for public water supplies. 4.3.11 A new or enlarged existing dwelling containing not more than 4 dwelling units if authorized by a special permit issued by the Planning Board in accordance with the provisions of Section 7.5 (Special Permits); in addition, the following stated provisions shall also apply. Protect scenic vistas from the Towns roadways and other places. 10.3.8 Severability: The provisions of this By-Law are severable from each other and the invalidity of any provisions or section shall not invalidate any other provision or section thereof. No Marijuana Business shall be located within 300 feet of a residential zoning district, or within 500 feet of any lot containing a school, childcare facility, or playground. Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Installations. The first step is to inventory existing site features, taking care to identify sensitive and noteworthy natural, scenic and cultural resources on the site, and to determine the connection of these important features to each other. No person in charge or control of any real estate within the Town, whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee or otherwise, shall allow any partially dismantled, nonoperating, wrecked or junked motor vehicles to remain on such property longer than 60 days without a valid windshield sticker, so-called, issued and displayed in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 90, Section 7A of the General Laws as amended, and the rules and regulations of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, unless a permit therefor has been obtained from the Zoning Board of Appeals. (p) Land uses that result in the rendering impervious of more than 15% or 2,500 square feet of any lot, whichever is greater, unless a system for artificial recharge of precipitation is provided, which is satisfactory to the Planning Board, that will not result in the degradation of groundwater quality. Sustainable Design and Low Impact Development Guidelines - Adopted June 15, 2020 (PDF, 2MB) Downtown Manchester Architectural Design Guidelines (Revised June 2019) (PDF, Codify in its strict interpretation means to put into a code, systematize, and classify. The cost of such maintenance by the Town shall be assessed against the properties within the development and/or to the owner of the open space. 2. Records shall be kept of the date and amount of these substances applied at each location and said records shall be available for inspection at reasonable times by the Building Inspector and Director of Public Works. No utilities can be inside the fenced area(i.e. Comments will be acknowledged in the public meetings. Fractions of a lot or dwelling unit shall be rounded up to the nearest whole number, such that a development proposing six (6) dwelling units shall require one affordable unit, a development proposing eleven (11) dwelling units shall require two affordable units and so on. Septic Activities means construction, maintenance or other changes in a septic system authorized (with specific reference to any ledge removal permitted) after a public hearing by the Board of Health. 9. The name(s) of the owner(s) for all components of the system. - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. The Planning Board shall. The Planning Board may impose further restrictions upon a parcel, or parts thereof, as a condition to granting the Special Permit. Changes to Operation and Maintenance Plans. Disapproval of the Stormwater Management Special Permit Application based upon a determination that the proposed plan, as submitted, does not meet the Standards in Section 6.15.7, Section 7.5 of this By-Law or adequately protect water resources, as required herein. An LGSPI shall be set back from property lines consistent with the applicable regulations for the Limited Commercial District, with the exception of necessary connection equipment to utility transmission facilities. Minimum design and construction standards for affordable units Affordable, housing units within market rate developments shall be integrated with the rest of, the development and shall be compatible in design, appearance, construction and. Ownership Options: At the developers option and subject to approval by the. The term "building" shall be construed where applicable as if followed by the words "or portion thereof". 6.3. Evaluating Site Context. All land shown on a plan for which a Special Permit is granted that is not included in building lots shall be open land. Notwithstanding the provisions above, the Planning Board may grant a special permit for an RCC Development for any parcel or contiguous parcels of at least five (5) acres in any. In the case of a side of a corner lot or multiple frontage lot, the pool must a a minimum meet the required front yard setbacks. The as-built drawing shall show deviations from the approved plans, if any, and be certified by a Registered Professional Engineer. A detached building designed or arranged to accommodate one or more dwelling units and separated by side yards from any other structure except accessory buildings. The Zoning Board of Appeals shall take final action on the special permit application within thirty (30) days following the close of the above-noted public hearing. (c) Stockpiling and disposal of snow or ice removed from highways and streets located outside Zone II/Zone A that contains sodium chloride, chemically treated abrasives or other chemicals used for snow and ice removal. The site plan shall also show the relation of locus map at a scale not greater than 1'=2.000'. The Board of Appeals shall elect one of its members as chairman and one of its members as clerk, each to serve for a one year term. Authority, Adoption & Applicability, 2. Proposed streets have been aligned to provide vehicular access to each. (b) Post-testing. The degree to which the topography of the locus will not be preserved by a RCC, 2. Required parking shall be either on the same premises as the activity it serves, or located within 300 feet of the building entrance on a separate parcel, not separated by a street having right-of-way width of 60 feet or more, and in a zoning district allowing the activity it serves. Authorized Structures/Drives Activities means construction, maintenance or other changes (A) within the layout of any street, or sidelines of any easement for any common driveway on which the lot has frontage, or (B) under the Subdivision Rules and Regulations or this Zoning By-Law within the footprint of buildings and other structures, and sidelines of driveways and turnarounds, authorized (with specific reference to any ledge removal permitted) by either the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Appeals or (C) within the footprint of a residential building, provided that any excavation does not exceed a depth of fifteen (15)feet from the pre-construction grade and is authorized by a building permit issued by the Building Inspector. Fences must not enclose utilities. Special Permit review is comprehensive and provides for considerable oversight and conditions once a project is proposed. a. ft of gross floor area 1, Each three persons reasonably expected to be using, the facility during a period of full utilization 1, Four seats of rated capacity 1. Reformatting and reorganization is one focus of the Planning Boards recodification project and includes such things as adding a Use Table that shows what land uses are allowed for each district and whether the use is by right, special permit, or variance, and whether it requires site plan review. E . d) Tree cover and average height of trees on the subject property and adjacent properties within three hundred (300) feet; e) Contours at each two (2) feet Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) for the subject property and adjacent properties within three hundred (300) feet; f) Representation of location of viewpoint for the sight-line diagram referenced below. Timing of construction or provision of affordable units or lots Where feasible, affordable housing units shall be provided coincident to the development of market rate units, but in no event shall the development of affordable units be delayed beyond the schedule noted below: MARKET-RATE UNIT % AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNIT%, 9.4.7 Marketing Plan for Affordable Units. CEO Upon application the Planning Board may extend the term of the special permit upon a finding of satisfactory operation of the WECF. The Zoning Enforcement The number of dwelling units permitted in a Residential Conservation Cluster shall not exceed that which would be permitted under a conventional subdivision that complies with the Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision Rules and Regulations of the Planning Board and any other applicable laws and regulations. The Planning Boards action, rendered in writing, shall consist of either: 1. One or three line electrical diagram detailing the solar photovoltaic, vii. 7. Manchester has a combined planning and zoning commission. c.40A s.9 and Section 7.5 of the Zoning By-Law. Excluded from notification prior to alteration or modification are changes in types of Regulated Substances used in a laboratory or laboratories designated as such in the currently valid permit which do not exceed the non-aggregate limits and which are within the Generic Substances listed in said permit based upon the Generic List attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A. Any land lying within the Flood Control District shall be subject to the development and use regulations of the underlying district in which such land is situated but only to the extent not inconsistent with the regulations for the Flood Control District. April 2020 - The Town of Manchesters Planning Board, members of the Board of Appeals, Zoning Enforcement Officer, Town Planner and others have been working with the Towns legal consultant since June of 2019 to recodify and update the Towns Zoning Bylaws. conservation land. Adopt wetlands/watercourse boundaries and regulations; hear and decide on applications for work involving regulated activities in wetlands or watercourses; hear and decide on petitions to change regulations or boundaries. Facilitate the construction and maintenance of streets, utilities and public services in a more economical and efficient manner. 41 Center Street Within that portion of Residence District D included within a line running one hundred (100') feet from, and parallel to, the easterly and westerly sidelines of Pine Street, the northerly and southerly sidelines of Pleasant Street, the westerly sideline of School Street, the northerly sideline of Pleasant Street Extension, the easterly sideline of Arbella Street, and the northerly sidelines of Lincoln Street, specifically defined as the area depicted in Article 21 of the 1985 Annual Town Meeting, the conversion of a single-family residence in existence on the lot as of May 6, 1991 to a two-dwelling unit structure and the construction of a two-dwelling unit are permitted, if authorized by a special permit issued by the Zoning Board of Appeals in accordance with Section 7.5 (Special Permits) and M.G.L.
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